Music about British Columbia – by B.C. composers

Brian Tate

  1. Rise – (mvt 1 – Emily Carr Suite) – SATB
  2. So Still – (mvt 2 – Emily Carr Suite) – SATB
  3. Go Into the Glory of the Woods – (mvt 3 – Emily Carr Suite) – SATB
  4. Klee Wyck – Brian’s famous song – (SA, SAA, SAB, SATB)
  5. Nakeestla – (SATB)

Robert Buckley

  1. This is My Home – (SATB, SAB, SSA, SA, TTBB)

Rupert Lang

  1. Come Home – text by a female BC Pioneer – (SATB, SAB)

Stephen Smith

  1. Land of the Silver Birch – home of the beaver- (SATB)

Nicholas Fairbank

  1. ISBØRN – ice, snow – and climate change? – (SATB)

Larry Nickel

  1. Beauty All Around Us – (SATB)
  2. Mother Whale Lullaby – (SATB)
  3. Earth Waits for Me – words of Chief Dan George – (SATB)

Russell Wallace

  1. The Gift – Indigenous composer – welcome song (SATB, TBB)

Kristi Lane Sinclair

  1. Woman – Indigenous composer – re. the highway of tears (SATB)

Corey Payette

1. Gimikwenden Ina – Indigenous composer – “do you remember?” (SATB)

Reg and Lynne Dickson

  1. Walk in the Wind – re. fun on the beach – (SATB)

Leah Abramson

  1. Blood Red Roses – re. whale hunting – (SAB, SSAA)

Jocelyn Morlock

1. One Black Spike – the Canadian railway reaches the west coast – (SATB)

Bruce Sled

1. Ice

Robbie Smith (although he’s from the East Coast)

1. Klondike Christmas – the gold-rush was on the west coast!

Earle Peach

  1. From the Air – looking down on beautiful BC from a plane – (SATB)

Short story: Diane Loomer (founder of Cypress) asked Larry out for lunch in 2005 and said, “It seems like all the good Canadian folksongs come from the East Coast. How can we change that?” Larry began arranging West Coast folksongs for Chor Leoni’s CD recording; “Canadian Safari – part 2”. Song writers, like Dave Baker, love to hear their music performed in harmony.

Dave Baker

  1. Royal Hudson – the engine that pulled the royal train along the BC coast (SATB, TTBB, SSA and SAB)
  2. Kettle Valley Railway Line – another wonderful railway song(SATB, TTBB, SAB)
  3. Land of McQuinna – Captain Vancouver discovers the west coast (SATB, TTBB)
  4. Fields of Alderlea – close to Duncan, on the Island – (SATB, TTBB)
  5. Island Bound – ride the ferry to Vancouver Island – (SATB)
  6. World of Small – a tribute to Emily Carr – (SATB, SSAA)
  7. Winter Harbour Lullaby – rock to sleep upon the waves – (SSA)
  8. Old Lady Rose – the famous fishing vessel – (SATB, TTBB)
  9. This Land is What I Am – premiered at the Winter Olympics! (SATB, SSAA, TTBB)
  10. Thirty-Seven Sixteen (3716) – another famous BC locomotive

Richard Reiner

1.  Vancouver Song – available upon request

Joanna Schwarz

  1. Mountain, Sea and Sky – Squamish, Whistler (SATB)
  2. Miracle at Play – BC is nature’s wonderland (SATB)

Lloyd Arntzen

1. Where the Coho Flash Silver – – let’s go fishing for salmon! – (SATB)

Alan Moberg

  1. Williams Lake Stampede – people come from miles around to enjoy this rodeo – (SATB, TTBB) listen to Chor Leoni

Bruce Coughlan

  1. Twenty-Three Camels – (a hilarious slice of BC History) – (SATB)
  2. Bring Lolita Home – (the Orca in captivity) – (SATB)

How about a Concert which features B.C. Composers!?

Abramson, Leah
Alcorn, Coco Love
Allan, Kathleen
Allen, Peter
Archer, David
Arntzen, Lloyd
Baker, Dave
Baker, Michael Conway
Balfour, Andrew
Beresford-Muravyeva, Esther
Blok-Wilson, Gerda
Buckley, Robert
Chatman, Stephen
Christian, Derrick
Chung, George
Corlis, Timothy
Coughlan, Bruce
Craig, Georgina
Dabrusin, Sam
Deedes-Vincke, Emile
Delisle, Lonnie (curator)
Denis, Kimberley
Dickson, Reg and Lynne
Donkin, Christine
English, Lloyd and Diana
Fairbank, Nicholas
Fankhauser, James
Forward-Houriet, Donna
Fulton, Kristopher
Galbraith, Craig
Gibson, Brian ‘Hoot’
Gimon, Katerina
Girvan, Allison
Grist, Hilary
Gubiotti, Estanislau
Hamel, Keith
Hanney, Corlynn
Hatfield, Stephen
Henderson, Edward
Hillhouse, Andy
Jaysmith, Sarah
Kelly, Nicholas Ryan
Langager, Graeme
Lang, Rupert
Loomer, Diane
Luengen, Ramona
Lund, Gail
MacColl, Kate
Macdonald, Don
MacIntyre, David
Marois, Réjean
McBride, Eldon
Moberg, Alan
Morlock, Jocelyn
Murray, Michael
Nickel, Larry
Nixon, Bryn
Nixon Stothert, Wendy
Nobles, Jordan
Peach, Earle
Phare-Bergh, Erica
Quick, Jonathan
Ramsay, Miles
Raminsh, Imant
Roberts, Geordie
Rosborough, David
Salkeld, Robin
Sarkissian, Vahram
Schell, James
Schwarz, Joanna
Sharman, Rodney
Siemens, Jill Ann
Sigerson, Benjamin
Sinclair, Kristi Lane
Sivak, Chris
Sled, Bruce
Smail, Ron
Smith, Stephen
Squires, David
Stephen, Amy
Stokes, Tobin
Stothert, Wendy Nixon
Tate, Brian
Underhill, Owen
Wallace, Russell
Washburn, Jon
Wearmouth, Graeme
Wedd, Patrick
Wedel, Dean