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Nicholas Ryan Kelly is a composer who draws inspiration from speculative fiction, science, and nature. He has been commended by the Vancouver Sun for his “sophisticated work of such immediate, glittery appeal” and called “a rising star in the constellation of Canadian composers” by Oregon Arts Watch. His choral compositions have been performed and released on CD by some of Canada’s top choirs, including Chor Leoni, the Da Capo Chamber Choir, and Pro Coro Canada. In 2017 alone, he received five national awards for choral composition, and he is also a recipient of the international Edwin Fissinger Choral Composition Prize. His instrumental music has been featured by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony, and the West Point band of the U.S. Army, among many others.

Nick currently lives in BC’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, where he composes, conducts, and teaches private lessons. He is a graduate of Ithaca College (B.Mus.) and the University of British Columbia (M.Mus.) 



by Nicholas Ryan Kelly

SATB with piano  $2.50   CP 1771  duration – 5:40
A broad emotional arc and a colourful piano part drive this sweeping piece, which progresses from a delicate, reflective beginning to a joyous climax. The words come from near the end of Walt Whitman’s epic Proud Music of the Storm, and they celebrate music in all its forms. 


by Nicholas Ryan Kelly

SATB a cappella  $2.35  CP 1770  duration – 4:15
Contrasting images of dark and light abound in this piece, which brings Canadian poet Marjorie Pickthall’s words vividly to life. The composer’s early interest in film score composition is evident in the rich text painting, the varied textures, and the wide dramatic arc of this colourful, challenging composition.