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Brian Tate is an award-winning composer/arranger and popular choral clinician and choral director. Many of his choral works have been published and his music is performed worldwide. Brian directs Vancouver’s 100-voice City Soul Choir, teaches singing and choir at Studio 58 – Langara College’s professional theatre school – and performs with the world music a cappella vocal trio “TriVo”. He frequently gives choir workshops and is in demand internationally as a clinician and workshop leader. Brian is a passionate advocate of music-making at all levels.

Come Unto Me

by Brian Tate   
SAB with piano    –    CP 1248   – duration 3:25
Come Unto Me and I will give you rest.  These reassuring words from the book of Matthew are set to music so beautifully by Brian. Long linear lines over a pseudo-jazzy chord progression really convey the timeless message. 

Emily Carr Suite

by Brian Tate, text by Emily Carr
SATB with piano  – CP 1512 – the full trilogy of three movements – duration 8:30  
Who knew that Canada’s famous visual artist was also good with words? Brian Tate’s setting is full of rhythmic energy. Purchase the music as the complete trilogy or choose individual movements.

1) Rise
SATB with piano    –    CP 1510   – 2:35 – click here to study the score while you listen
“Rise, quivering, to the treetops and to the sky – joyously.”
2) So Still
SATB with piano    –    CP 1509    – 3:15 – click here to study the score while you listen
“So still were the big woods – sound might not yet have been born.”
3) Go Into the Glory of the Woods         
SATB with piano    –    CP 1356   – 2:40 – click here to study the score while you listen
“Life is sweeping through he spaces – out into the depth and wideness.”

Klee Wyck

by Brian Tate
SA with piano, drum, triangle – CP 1126   – duration 4:25  
SAA with piano, drum, triangle – CP 1306
SAB with piano, drum, triangle – CP 1970

Klee Wyck is an homage to the great West Coast Canadian painter Emily Carr. The composition strives to evoke the wonder and mystery of the natural world: the rainforest, the ocean, and the sky. Great for a young choir! The percussion instruments are part of the octavo score.

May I Be Still

by Brian Tate                                   

SATB with piano   –    CP 1155   – duration 3:35
SSA with piano   –    CP 1210
Brian developed his talent for writing great gospel charts while directing the Universal Gospel Choir for many years. This song is profoundly spiritual without getting preachy. It is perfect for any mixed choir, from High School to Community and Church Choirs. Listen to the recording!


by Brian Tate                                   

SATB with percussion   –    CP 1511   –  duration 6:15
Nakeestla – (coming together to make things right). This composition strikes straight to the heart. The message and milieu are from a First Nation perspective.  Brian handles it with sincere sensitivity.

O Source of All

by Brian Tate                                   

SATB with piano   –    CP 1203   – duration 3:05
People love the way Brian’s music can be thoughtful and deeply spiritual without being preachy. This gorgeous anthem is easily taught – easily assimilated – and would make an effective opener or closer to almost any concert.

Sonnet: The Marriage of True Minds

by Brian Tate                                   

SSATBB a cappella   –    CP 1609   – duration 3:26
William Shakespeare meets Brian Tate in a marriage of wonderful poetry and stunning music. Listen to this marvelous rendition by the Vancouver Cantata Singers – directed by Paul Kramer.






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