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Lloyd and Diana English have been musicians since early childhood. Lloyd’s influences led to rock and pop bands in his teens while Diana started piano lessons at age four which led to her early training as an accompanist.  They have both studied with some of Canada’s leading musicians both on the West Coast and in Toronto and have worked together leading choirs, directing church music programs and teaching.  Lloyd has worked for many years as a performing vocalist and guitarist and has recorded music for movies and television programs.  They continue to compose, record, arrange and teach from their home studio in Atlantic Canada.

Take Me Back

by Elaine Lakeman and Lloyd English
arr. Diana English
text: Elaine Lakeman and Lloyd English

SATB with piano – CP 2018 – duration 4:00

At heart, human beings are romantic creatures who capture warm light-filled memories and keep them safe until dark days come.  It is those memories that warm our hearts when the paradise and wonder of youth sometimes feel lost in an ever more complex and confusing existence.  This song is about those memories and the ever-present desire for a simpler life that waits quietly in all of us.

I had a dream of sunny days that never end
Spinnin’ wheels and hair blown’ in the wind
I had a dream of endless blue skies
No walls to lock me in and no clouds to make it end.
I had a dream of run-in’ through golden fields
Holding hands, dusty roads and summer heat.
I had a dream of dark clouds moving’ in
Rain pouring’ down and waking’ me up again
Take me back where the sun meets the earth
and the moonshine lights the way
Take me back where the stars kiss the sky 
and my heart sings a song
My heart sings a song