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Fields of Alderlea

When I first saw your smile, when I heard your bright laughter
your touch brought me comfort, your warmth made me see
that a love often grows out of kindness and caring
and days filled with passion that seemed real to me

We would walk down the lane through the glade, through the meadow
too young to imagine what life may deny.
Now as hours turn to days and the months turn to seasons
our thoughts leave us wanting, as time passes by

I recall the shades of autumn we knew so long ago
when pastures turned to fallow and cool rain turned to snow
When the summer twilight beckoned and warm wind set us free
we’d wander through the clover in the fields of Alderlea.

Many years have been lost, many roads have been travelled
My dreams fade to memory but life carries on.
Now, when I sit alone, I can still feel the summer
when sunshine and flowers appeared and were gone.





SATB – with piano $2.35 – available upon request