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During these covid days, many choirs are meeting and rehearsing online – joining their singing friends from individual computers. (via Zoom and other video conferencing platforms) Some choirs are creating virtual videos by compiling multiple video and audio clips into one beautiful collage. This takes a techie with specials skills and it seems that every choir has access to such a person. Other choirs are presenting online performances with social-distanced and/or mask-wearing singers.  Others have decided to stream videos from previous years.  Either way, we applaud choir directors who are keeping the flame alive. Choirs need to write publishers for synchronization licenses because of copyright matters.

Here is what Cypress Choral Music can offer: TWO OPTIONS – depending on the format of presentation:

1) If the virtual video is “Whitacre style” – a compilation/collage of individual singers – faces in boxes (as in the banner above) – the “Virtual Choir License” can be obtained here.
2) If the choir is singing together – performing in one location (as in the photo on the right) – the nominal fee is $25. This would include school concerts and church services, etc.
OPTION #1 is quite complex. This Virtual Choir Bundled License provides all of the necessary rights in one comprehensive, cost effective agreement.

OPTION #2 – just make your request known to us and we will send you a PayPal request. . Your payment would be followed by a simple letter of permission from Cypress.  email

Q&A: What if our choir wants to post a video with photos and artwork – with our choir singing on the sountrack? Option #2 would apply.
Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.



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