MECHANICAL LICENSING (audio duplication)

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OUR RATE is 12 cents per song per CD or per digital download – where the playing time is five minutes or less. For each additional minute (or part thereof) 3 cents is added to the rate. So, for example – including one of our 3 minute songs on 200 CDs would cost $24.00. Likewise, 200 digital downloads would also cost $24.00.

Should you agree to these terms, please email:


  • the number of CDs you intend to produce or the number of digital downloads you require
  • the name of the choir
  • the name of the director
  • the song title or titles with the composer’s name
  • the title of the CD
  • contact information – address, phone number and email info

We will then send you a PayPal request.  (you can use a credit card and you don’t need a PayPal account)
PLEASE NOTE: The minimum – bottom-line payment – is $20.00.
Once we receive payment we can quickly send you an email letter of permission.

Dr. Larry Nickel

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