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Nakeestla – (coming together to make things right). This composition strikes straight to the heart. The message and milieu are from a First Nation perspective. Brian handles it with sincere sensitivity.


(Coming together to make things right)

Begin again, again,
Can you see me? Can I see you?
Same as you, I feel joy. Same as you, I feel pain.


Will you see me? Will I see you?
Same as you, I have dreams. Same as you, I have fears.
Our stories, different stories;
But in our journeys we are the same; we are the same.

I am not who you think I am
I have a life, I have a name, 
I am much more than you see.
I will not be your enemy

I can see you. Can you see me?
Begin again.
We are connected.

May I learn to let go. May I learn to forgive.
May I learn to love. May I learn to live.




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