Angels and Heaven – (also see “Sacred”)

Angels from Heaven CameSATB
Call of the AngelsSSA
Christmas AngelSATB, SSAA, TTBB
Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful SongsSATB
Entre le boeuf et l’âne grisSATB
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling PlaceSATB
I Saw an AngelSATB
In ParadisumSATB
Paradise in a DreamSATB


Changed ForeverSATB, SSA
Old GrandmaSATB
Take TimeSATB
They Shall Not Grow OldSATB
This Fragile WebSATB
Treasure the MomentSATB
Turn AroundSATB

Animals: and Insects – (also scroll to “Birds” and “Fish”)

Akatonbo (Red Dragon Fly)SATB
AlouetteSATB, SSAA
All God’s Critters (A Place in the Choir)SATB, SSAA, TTBB
Black Fly SongSATB, SAB, SSA
Bring Lolita HomeSATB
Butterfly DreamsSSA

Cat and the Snake, theSATB
Cats in the CradleSATB
Carol for the AnimalsSA
Carol of the Stable DogSATB
Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris – SATB

Little Snow Cat SATB
Monkeys Lost Their KeysSATB
Mother Whale LullabySATB
Paddy McGinty’s GoatSATB
Twenty-Three CamelsSATB

Around the World

An Irish Airman Forsees His Death – two parts in any combo
Jai, Jai, JaiSSA
Jump Down, Spin AroundSATB
Li Ngu WekoSSA
Malala, Pakistani GirlSSA, SAB
Pont Mirabeau, LeSATB
Punjabi MarketSATB
Rasa NusantaraSSAA
Son de la LomaSATB
Three HaikuSSA
Tum Balalaika SATB
Uncle HansSSA
Vox CubanaSATB

Beauty(please scroll to “Nature and Beauty”)


Be Like a BirdSSA
His Eye is On the SparrowSATB, SSAA
If I Were a BlackbirdSATB
Legend of the BirdSATB
L’enfant, l’ouiseau et l’abreSATB
She’s Like the SwallowSATB
She’s Like the SwallowSATB
Something Told the Wild GeeseSSA
SparrowSATB, SSA
To TimarionSSAA
V’la L’Bon Vent SATB, SSAA

Blessings, Benedictions, Welcomes and Farewells

Benediction – SATB
Benedictus (from Missa Pax) – SATB
Farewell BlessingSATB
Irish BlessingSA
So long, FarewellSATB
There’s a Meetin’ Here TonightSATB, TTBB
We Welcome YouSATB

Boats and Canoes(please scroll to “Travel”)

Bullying, Discrimination, Human Rights

Letter, TheSATB
Nakeestla – SATB
Sticks and Stones – SATB, SSAA

Canadiana(also see “Folk Song” and scroll to “History”)

All the Little RiversSATB, SSA, SAB
At Niagara FallsSATB, TTBB
Canadian PacificSATB, TTBB
Canadian StreamsSATB
Ça va venirSATB
Citadel Hill SATB, SSAA
Cliffs of DooneenSATB, SSAA
Farewell to Nova ScotiaSSAA
Four Strong WindsSATB, SSAA, TTBB, SAB
Home I’ll BeSATB
Land of the Silver BirchSATB
Little Old Sod Shanty – SATB

Make and Break HarbourSATB
Maple Leaf ForeverSATB, TTBB
Mon PaysSATB
Peaceful NiagaraSATB, TTBB
Peter AmberlySATB
Red River ValleySATB, TTBB
Song of the LandSATB, SSA
This is My HomeSATB, SSAA, TTBB
This Land is What I AmSATB, SSA, TBB
Three Prairie SongsSATB
To Young CanadiansSATB, SAB, SSA
True NorthSATB
Williams Lake StampedeSATB, TTBB

Canoes and Boats(please scroll to “Travel”)

Celtic (ish)

Bonny PortmoreSATB
Celtic Blessing – SATB, SAB
Celtic Carol – SATB
Celtic Prayer, A – SATB, SSAA

Chi Mi Na MórbheannaSATB, TTBB
Farewell to TarwathieSATB, SSA, TBB
Johnny CopeSATB
Lake Isle of InnisfreeSATB
Lake Isle of InnisfreeSATB
Leezie LindsaySATB
MacPhersons’s LamentSATB
Siül a GhráSATB
Ye Banks and BraesSATB

CHRISTMAS – (see our extensive collection here)


Dancing Dancing River – SATB, SSA

I Cannot Dance – SATB
Rasa NusantaraSSAA

Day and Night; Morning and Evening

All I Have to Bring TodaySATB
As Evening Shadows FallSATB
Cold is the NightSATB
Evening – SSAA
Lady of the Evening StarSSA
Morning HymnSATB
Now the Day is OverSATB
Nuit d’étéSATB
Take TimeSATB
This Could Be the DaySATB
This DaySATB
This is the DaySATB
To MorningSSA
Tomorrow is a Chance to Start OverSATB, SSAA
When Dawn ShinesSATB, TTBB
When Morning Gilds the SkiesSATB

Earth and Ecology – (also see Nature and Farming)

Earth (from Elements)SATB, SSAA
Earth Grown Old – SATB
Earth Voices – SATB
Emily Carr Suite – SATB
My Canoe Runs on Water – SATB
Song of the Land – SATB, SSAA
Words of Chief Seattle – SATB

Easter – (also see “Sacred”)

Behold the LambSATB
Brier – (Good Friday) – SATB
Come to the Upper Room – SATB
Hosanna – SATB
I See His Blood Upon the Rose – SATB
No More Fear of Dying – SATB
Now is the Queen of Seasons – SATB

Encores (also see Humour)

We Rise AgainSATB


The Farmer Needs the Rain – SATB (in progress)
Field Behind the PlowSATB, TTBB
To People Who Have GardensSSA
Watching the Apples GrowSATB, TTBB

First Nations/Indigenous – (please scroll to “Native”)

Fish and Fishing

Fisherman’s SonTTBB
Ikana KekekSATB, SAB, SSA, SA
Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary’sSA
Mother Whale LullabySATB
Squid Jiggin’ GroundSATB, SSAA
Wau BulanSSA, SA, SAB
Where the Coho Flash SilverSATB

Flowers and Plants

A Flower Was Offer’d to MeSSAA
And the Poppies GrowSATB
How the Blossoms are FallingSSAA
I See His Blood Upon the RoseSATB
L’amour de moySATB
O Little Rose, O Dark RoseSATB, TTBB
There is No RoseSATB, SSAA

FOLK SONGS – (see our extensive collection)

FRENCH MUSIC – (see our extensive collection)

GOSPEL,  SPIRITUAL, SACRED – (see our extensive collection)

History and Pioneers(also see “Folk Songs”)

Alberta Cowboy SongsSATB
Barrett’s PrivateersSATB, TTBB
C’est l’avironSATB, SSA
Draveurs de la Gatineau, LesSATB
Fair Time AgoSSA
Ghost of Simon FraserSAB
Here and Gone; HebronSATB, TTBB
Land of MaquinnaSATB, SAB
Landfall of CabotSATB
Les Plaines D’AbrahamTTBB
Little Old Sod ShantySATB

Log Driver’s WaltzSATB, SAB, SSAA, TTBB
Lord FranklinSATB
Northwest Passage – SATB, TTBB
Old Grandma – SATB

One Black SpikeSATB
Three Prairie Songs – SATB

Humour, Fun and Nonsense

Alberta Cowboy SongsSATB
Black Fly SongSATB, SAB, SSA
Blood on the SaddleSATB
Butterfly DreamsSSA

Coming of the Teddy BearsSATB
Flunky JimSATB
Good Fish ChowderSATB
Hunker DownSATB, TTBB

Jing-ga-lye-yaSATB, TTBB
Lesser Joys of ChristmasSATB
Little Old Sod ShantySATB
Log Driver’s WaltzSATB, SSAA, TTBB
Lukey’s BoatSATB, SSA
Monkeys Lost Their KeysSATB

My MoustacheTTBB
Old GrandmaSATB

On Monday I Never Go to WorkSATB
Puppet’s DreamSATB, SSAA
Risky EncoresSATB
She Walks in BeautySATB
Shootin’ With RasputinSATB
Three Prairie Songs – SATB

Twenty-Three CamelsSATB
The WizardSATB

Love and Romance

A la claire fontaine (3 settings by 3 composers)
All Together We Are LoveSSA
Beloved, Say AgainSATB
Beloved, Thou Hast Brought Me Many FlowersSATB
Blackbird, The – SATB, SA

C’est dans le mois de maiSATB
Chanson de ton coeurSATB
Final Word is Love, theSATB
How Do I Love Thee? – SATB

i carry your heartSATB
I’ll Give My Love an Apple
Log Driver’s WaltzSSA, SATB, SAB, TTBB
LOVE IN PUBLIC; the Choral SuiteSATB
Love is Gonna Set Us FreeSATB
love is more thicker than forgetSATB
Lover’s ChantSATB
Marriage of True Minds, theSATB
Now is the Time to LoveSATB
O You Whom I OftenSSAA
People You LoveSATB
Pity Me NotSSAA
She Walks in BeautySATB
Water is WideSATB
Water is WideTTBB


Cradle SongSATB
Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris – SATB
Hush (a lullaby)SSA

Hush, Hush, Lie Still and SlumberSSAA
Infant Holy, Infant LowlySSAA
Lullaby JesusSATB


She Goes Shopping for GucciSATB

Memorial Day(see our extensive collection)

Native Canadian/American
(First Nations composers and themes)

I Lost My TalkSATB
Klee WyckSSA, SA
Land of MaquinnaSATB
Vision ChantSATB
Words of Chief SeattleSATB, SSA
World of SmallSATB, SSAA

Nature and Beauty

Autumn Glory – SATB
Beauté – SATB
Beauty All Around UsSATB
Beauty is Before MeSATB, SSAA
Born Like the PinesSAB
Consider the LiliesSSAA
Earth Grown OldSATB
Earth VoicesSATB
Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, WaterSATB. SSAA
Emily Carr SuiteSATB
For the Beauty of the Earth – SATB

From the AirSATB
Generous LandSATB
Go into the Glory of the WoodsSATB
God is the Dance – SATB
God is There – SATB
God is Walking Beside MeSA

In a Grain of SandSATB
In BeautySATB
Mountain, Sea and SkySATB
Out in the Fields with GodSATB
Pussy Willows, Cat-tailsSATB, SSAA
She Walks in BeautySATB
SnowflakesTBB, SATB, SSA
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy EveningSATB, TTBB, SSAA
Voices of EarthSATB
There’s a Wideness in God’s MercySATB
The Wonder of it All SATB
Your Love Streams Down On Me – SATB

Openers – (please scroll over to “Blessings”)

I Can See Clearly NowSATB
There’s a Meeting Here TonightSATB, TTBB
We Welcome YouSATB

Optimism and Encouragement

Consider the LiliesSSAA
Dawn is Not DistantSSAA
Do Not Be AfraidSATB
I Am Song – SAB, SSA
I Can See Clearly NowSATB
I Dreamed of RainSATB, SAB, SSA, TBB
Keep Your Lamp BurningSATB
Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsSAB
May There Always Be SunshineSATB
My Song of JoySATB
No Complaints WhatsoeverSATB
Still the Song Lives OnSATB
There’s a Wideness in God’s MercySATB
This Little Light of MineSATB
To the Peak of the MountainSATB
Valley, TheSSAA
Walk Out on the WaterSATB
Your Love Streams Down On Me – SATB

Peace on Earth

Da PacemSSA
Dancing Dancing River SATB, SSA

Deep Peace, Healing LightSSA
Dona nobis pacemSATB
Faith in PeaceSATB
Grant Us PeaceSATB
Lord, Help Us Live in PeaceSATB, TTBB
Instrument of PeaceSSAA
May I Be StillSATB
Peace PrayerSATB
Prayer of Saint FrancisSATB
Song for PeaceSATB, SAB, SSA, TBB

REMEMBRANCE/MEMORIAL – (see our extensive collection)

Romance (scroll back to  “Love and Romance”)

SACRED, GOSPEL, SPIRITUAL – (see our extensive collection)

Seasons and Months of the Year

Autumn Glory – SATB
Autumn’s Orchestra – SATB

C’est dans le mois de maiSATB
Chanson d’automneSATB
Early SpringSSA
Frost, theSATB
How the Blossoms Are FallingSSAA
Indian SummerSATB
In the Bleak Mid-WinterTTBB, SSAA
Mid-Winter Night’s DreamSATB
Now is the Queen of Seasons – SATB
Prayer in SpringSATB
Season for Singing – SATB
SnowflakesTBB, SATB, SSA

Springtime in AlbertaSATB, TTBB
Three Winter SongsSATB
Who Knows Where the Seasons Go? – SATB

Winter’s BlanketSSA
Winter ProverbsTTBB
Winter SolsticeSATB
Winter SunSATB, SSAA

Sea Songs

Away From the Roll of the SeaSATB, SSAA, TTBB
Blackbird, The – SATB, SA
Hunker DownSATB, TTBB
I Saw Three ShipsSATB
Old Lady RoseSATB, TTBB
Sea SongSATB
Skye Boat SongSATB, TTBB
Silver PennySATB
There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy – SATB

When the Tide Goes OutSA
When You Cross Over WaterSATB
Where the Coho Flash SilverSATB

Social Consciousness- (please also check “Bullying”)

A Kind HeartSATB, TTBB
I Am Song – SAB, SSA
Changed ForeverSSA, SATB
From the AirSATB
Keep PositiveSSA
Letter, TheSATB
Immigrant SonSATB, SSAA
She Goes Shopping for GucciSATB
Spaces in Between UsSATB
Sticks and StonesSATB, SSAA
There is a LightSATB
Tread SoftlySATB
Turn AroundSATB
Water CanticleSATB

Sun, Moon and Stars

Au claire de la luneSATB

Catch a Falling StarSATB
Creator alme siderumSATB
Christmas StarSATB
How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps SATB
I Am VoyagerSATB
In a Grain of SandSATB
Lady of the Evening StarSSA
Long Time SunSATB
Shine On Silver MoonSATB
Solstice CaroleSATB, SSA
Solstice SongSATB SSA
Star Light, Star BrightSSA
Star SongSSAA
We are StarsSATB

Trains – (see Travel)

Travel – (boats, trains, canoes)

Blackbird, The – SATB, SA
Miles to Go Before I SleepSATB. TTBB. SSAA
My Canoe Runs on WaterSATB
My Cedar CanoeSA
Royal HudsonSATB, SSAA, TTBB
Song My Paddle Sings, theSATB, SSAA

WAR AND PEACE – (see our collection)

Welcomes and Farewells – (scroll back to “Blessings”)

WOMEN COMPOSERS – (click here)

Work Songs

C’est dans le mois de maiSATB
C’est l’avironSSA, SATB
Old Grandma – SATB

On Monday I Never Go to WorkSATB
Working with JoySATB

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