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Cypress has been receiving over 100 submissions each year. If you are a Canadian choral composer or arranger, and would like Cypress to consider your music for publication, please email a PDF file with an MP3 to match the score. (no hard copies, please; we do not return hard copies) – to our benevolent editor-in-chief, Dr. Nickel,   Consider these details please:

  • Decisions for publishing are based on three factors: 1) quality of the composition, 2) relevance/subject matter and 3) marketability.
  • You should send up to three of your best titles.
  • Please be sure your music is legible – preferably generated with notation software like Sibelius or Finale.
  • Multiple a cappella choral staves (e.g. SATB) should have a piano reduction.
  • You need to include an MP3 of your music; a quality choral performance. These days it’s nearly impossible to sell choral music without convincing choral recordings. (with genuine voices – not computer simulations)
  • A composer should never submit a composition to two publishers at the same time.
  • Arrangements of popular songs? Please be sure you have copyright permission for any piece which is not in the public domain.
  • Poetry? Please be sure you have written permission to use any poem which is not in the public domain.
  • It would also be wise to scan through our catalogue to see if your text has already been covered by Cypress composers – (and then offer something fresh) Please check out our thematic index.

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Timeline: Composers may submit their creations at any time.

Cypress works with choral expert curators who are developing special collections for the Cypress catalogue:
Dr. Julia Davids: The Canadian Chamber Choir Series – music for accomplished choirs
Dr. Laurier Fagnan: La série enchantée – new visions in French-Canadian Music
Morna EdmundsonThe Elektra Women’s Choir Series – music for accomplished treble choirs
Zimfira PolozThe Zimfira Collection – choral gems for children’s choir
Carrie TennantThe Vancouver Youth Choir Series – new adventures for youth choirs
Dr. Mark Sirett: PROFONDO – the Mark Sirett Series – quality music for low voices
Dr. Joy BergSongs for the Sanctuary – music for the church choir
Lonnie Delisle: The Universal Gospel Choir Series – the stylings of Lonnie Delisle
Dr. Jean-Sébastien Vallée: The Toronto Mendelssohn Choirs Series and other Discoveries


Composers should never submit the same composition to two publishers at the same time. Please be patient and wait until Cypress staff have made a decision on your music before showing it to another publisher.