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Kelman Hall Publishing was founded in the Spring of 1998.  Lynn McRuer and her husband, Bill Labron are owners of Music Plus Corporation and Kelman Hall Publishing became a division of their music enterprise. They asked Dr. Peter Nikiforuk to be the editor/typesetter. Lynn and Bill decided to focus on Canadian composers and sought out quality choral music from across the nation. The name “Kelman Hall” is derived from the maiden names of their mothers! It sounds dignified and reveals a Scottish/English heritage.

Over the years Lynn and Bill have become synonymous with the thriving Kitchener-Waterloo music community. When Music Plus Corporation, staffed by talented professional musicians, moved to a spacious old factory in downtown Kitchener, they welcomed the Beckett School of Piano. They rented facilities to Saxonia Music (instrument repairs), thus fulfilling Lynn McRuer’s dream of a real “Music Factory” – lessons in all instruments, retail, print music, instrument sales, repairs, and even musical giftware. Thousands of people have received an impassioned and affirming music education through their excellent service. Lynn says, “Music has a pull. It is healing and passionate and cultural.  It isn’t just a cerebral exercise.” Bill says, “The mantra behind what we do is ‘building community through music,’” Cypress Choral Music Inc. is honoured and proud to feature the Kelman Hall Publishing catalogue and carry on the vision of Lynn McRuer and Bill Labron – the dynamo duo from Southern Ontario.

Cypress acquired the Kelman Hall catalogue in October, 2020. Proper webpages are in progress but all titles are available;
simply email us with your request. (contact info on the footer of this page)

A to K

All things bright and beautiful (SATB) – Bevell, Ian W.
And as I wake  (SATB)  – Martin, Stephanie
A New Commandment  (SAA)  – Kirkland Adsett
An Irishman Foresees His Death ST/AB (two parts) – Juliet Hess
Aurora (SSAA) – Archibald, Susan
Away in a Manger (SATB) – Bevell, Ian W.
Be Thou my vision (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Blackbird, The (SATB) – Ewer, Gary
Blackbird, The (SA) – Ewer, Gary
Born This Night (SATB) – Whyte, Mary Lynne
Brier – (Good Friday) (SATB) – Smallman, Jeff
Butterfly Dreams (SA) – Carriere, Bert
Call, The (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Celtic Carol (SATB) – Sirett, Mark
Celtic Prayer (SATB) – Peters, Barry
Celtic Prayer (SSAA) – Peters/Daley
Christ is our Cornerstone (SATB) – Hatch, Winnagene
Christ Is Our King (unison) – Famme, Franklin
Christmas Benediction (SATB) – Hatch, Winnagene
Christmas Jewel  (SSA) – Martin, Kaitlyn C.
Christmas Lullaby
(SATB) – Wearmouth, Graeme
Closer to God (SATB) – Telfer, Nancy
Cloths of Heaven (TTBB) – Sirett, Mark
Cloths of Heaven (SATB) – Sirett, Mark
Cloths of Heaven (SSA) – Sirett, Mark
Come, Let us Join Our Cheerful Songs (SATB)  – Hatch, Winnagene
Creator of the Stars of Night (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Crocodile Song (SA) – Ewer, Gary
Dancing Dancing River (SATB) – Weaver, Carol
Dancing Dancing River (SSA) – Weaver, Carol
Dear Little Stranger (SATB) – Hackett, Elizabeth
Each Child (SSA) – Daley, Eleanor
Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris (SATB) – Hurrell, Terry
For the Beauty of the Earth (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Four Short Anthems (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Gaudete (SATB) – Mizen, Anne
Gentle Mary (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Gloria (SATB) – Stokes, Tobin
Go Down Moses (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Go Tell it on the Mountain (SATB) – Ewer, Gary
God be in my head (unison) – Enns, Jeff
God is There (SATB) – Snell, Bruce
God is the Dance (SATB) – Enns, Len
God is Walking Beside Me (SA) – Deck, Sisters Rosalie and Rosemunde
God, My Supporter and My Hope (SATB) – Overduin, Jan
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee (SATB) – Bell, Thomas
How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps (SATB) – Tomlinson, Jared
Hush (A Lullaby) (SSA) – Rose, Sheldon
I am a little church (SSA) – Crowder, Robert Jr.
I Saw an Angel (SATB) – Hardy, Steven
I Saw Three Ships (SATB) – McAvoy, Rod
In Bethlehem God’s Chosen Town (SA) – Rymal, Karen
In Flanders Fields (SATB) – Adsett, Kirkland
In Memorium (SATB) – Henderson, Ruth Watson
Irish Airman Foresees His Death, An (SATB) – Hess, Juliet
Irish Blessing (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Irish Blessing (SAB) – Tomlinson, Jared
It came upon a midnight clear (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Jesus How Sweet the Very Thought (SATB) – Houghton, Robert W.
Just as I am (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Kyrie (SATB) – Eisenhauer, Stephen
Kyrie Fugue (SATB) – Henderson, Ruth Watson

L to Z

Life (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Like As The Hart (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Like the Stars in the Sky (SATB) – Bender, Joanne
Live in Friendship (SATB) – Ewer, Gary,
Loyal Hearts (SATB) – Daley, Eleanor
Make a Joyful Noise/Bwana Asafiwe (SATB) – Sirett, Mark
Mary Ellen Carter, The (SATB) – Rogers, Leoppky, Ian (arr.)
Mary’s Son, the Prince of Peace (Unison or Two Part) – Lapp-McNally, Susan
May the Road (SA, TB, ST/AB)Foster, Bev
Missa Brevis No.8 (SATB) – Daley, Eleanor
Music in Me (SSAA) – Carriere, Bert
My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose (SATB) – Martin, Stephanie
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (SATB) – Hopson, Hal
New Commandment, A (SAA) – Adsett, Kirkland
Northwest Passage (TTBB) – Leoppky, Ian (arr.)
Nous voici dans la ville (SATB) – Patriquin, Donald
O Be Joyful in the Lord (SATB) – Daley, Eleanor
O Come, Divine Messiah! – (SATB) – Andrew Ager
O Little Town of Bethlehem (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
O Lord, Support Us (SATB) – Daley, Eleanor
O Magnum Mysterium (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
O Praise the Lord (SATB) – Chisholm Brown, Joy
O Splendour of God’s Glory Bright (SATB) – VanDer hoek, Bert
O Taste and See (SATB) – Enns, Jeff
Ononyatakaka (Place of the Rock) (SATB) – Sirett, Mark
Our Father (SATB) – Foster, Bev
Peggy Gordon (SATB) – Ewer, Gary
Plenteous Grace (SATB) – Nikiforuk, Peter
Prayer of St. Francis (SATB) – Togni, Enns
Red River Valley, The (SATB) – Davy, Carolynne
Rejoice in the Lord (SATB) – Nikiforuk, Peter
Returning, The (SATB) – Best, Jane
Ring out wild bells (SATB) – Martin, Stephanie
Sacred Feast (SATB) – Hatch, Winnagene
Shall I Compare Thee? (SATB) – Perrie, Leora Joy
Siod Mar Chaidh An Cal A Dholaidh (SATB) – Ewer, Gary
Stay with Us (SATB) – Foster/Brown
Thanks Be To God (SA – UNISON) – Famme, Franklin
Thanks Be To God for all his Saints (SATB) – Henderson, Ruth Watson
There is a Green Hill Far Away (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
There is No Rose (SATB) – King, Robin John
There is No Rose (SATB) – Mizen, Anne
There’s a Smile Within Your Heart (SATB) – Houghton, Robert W.
There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy (TTBB) – Woodward, Rhonda
They will pass through the land (SATB) – Martin, Stephanie
Thy Kingdom Come (SATB) – Sirett, Mark
Today the Christ is Born (SATB) – Machell, David
To You I Lift My Voice (SATB) – Eisenhauer, Stephen
Tutira Mai Nga Iwi (SSAA) – Barron, John
Two Short Anthems (SATB) – Eisenhauer, Stephen
Un Canadien Errant (SATB) – Sirett, Mark
Un Canadien Errant (SSAA) – Sirett, Mark
Un Canadien Errant (TTBB) – Sirett, Mark
Under the Stars (SATB) – Mizen, Anne
Une Vierge Feconde (SATB) – Patriquin, Donald
Venez Divin Messie (SATB) – Ager, Andrew
Walk in the Light (SATB) – Houghton, Robert W.
Weave a Silence (SATB) – Smiley, Janet
When the Ice Worms Nest Again – Benson, Margaret
Winter Carol, A (SATB– Hatch, Winnagene
Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem (SATB) – Bevell, Ian
Your Love Streams Down On Me (SATB) – Woodward, Rhonda