The West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir Collection

was founded by Tony Funk (director) and Larry Nickel (composer) while eating apple pancakes at the Swiss Chalet in 1989 one rainy morning. Larry had recently recovered from a near-death experience with viral encephalitis, which put him in a coma for 15 days. During his convalescence Larry wrote and arranged the music for “Songs My Father Taught Me”. They envisioned making one recording with new digital technology by recruiting family and friends (singers). They could not have imagined that from 1990 to 2004 the choir would record 13 highly acclaimed CDs, raising over a million dollars for a local charity through CD sales. The choir was frequently featured on CBC National Radio and many radio broadcasts throughout the USA and United Kingdom. During those years Nickel composed/arranged 120 pieces for the recordings, including music for brass quintets and string quartets. Nickel’s choral music is listed below. 
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ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY: Click on a title to study the score while you listen.
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All That is Beautiful – LN 1954   

All the Diamonds – SATB, TBB, SSA 

Almighty God – LN 1998  

Amazing Grace – LN 1966   

Another Day of Grace – LN 2013   

As Evening Shadows Fall – LN 1979   

Away in a Manger – LN 2008   

Bach Sinfonia Eleven – CP 1706  

Back to the Master – LN 2021   

Behold, the Lamb – CP 1670  

Be Still and Consider – SATB, SSAA, SATB – – 

Beneath the Cross of Jesus – LN 1994  

Blessed Are They – LN 1955  

Bugles Sang – from Requiem for Peace  

Call to Holiness  – LN 2005   

Can a Little Child Like Me  – LN 1980   

Candle (includes “Jesus Bids Us Shine”)  – LN 1986   

Can You Count the Many Stars  – LN 2018   

Come Let Us Go – LN 2003  

Come to the Throne of Grace – LN 2026  

Come to the Upper Room – CP 1672  

Come Unto Me  – LN 1975  

Danny Boy – CP 1760  

Dare alla Luce – (SATB and SSAA)  

Day by Day – (SATB a cappella)

Dulce et Decorum – from Requiem for Peace  

Emmanuel – LN 1977  

Four Strong Winds – SATB, TTBB, SSAA, SAB 

For me to Live is Christ – LN 1956 

God Himself is With Us  – LN 2017   

God of Love, God of Joy  – LN 1974   

God Will Take Care of You and Without Him – LN 1957

Good Christian People Rejoice – CP 1720  

Have You Not Known? – LN 2012   

Healing for a Wounded World – LN 1967   

Heavenly Son, the – LN 1952

His Eye is On the Sparrow – SATB and SSA  

Hosanna – SATB with piano  (from the Easter Oratorio)

How Sweetly Chime the Sabbath Bells – LN 2020  

I Delight Greatly in the Lord – (SATB and SSA) – 

If Christ is For Us – LN 1958   

If You Want Joy and God Will Take Care of You – LN 1965   

I Know My Jesus Lives – LN 1973   

In a Grain of Sand – CP 1093  

In My Father’s House  – LN 2004   

In the Rifted Rock I’m Resting  – LN 1970   

In Times Like These – LN 1960

I Want to Fly (SATB and SSA) 

It’s Alright to Have a Good Time – CP 1723 

Jacob’s Ladder – LN 1959   

Jesus Bids Us Shine – LN 2017

Jesus Shall Reign – LN 1990   

Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness  – LN 1971   

Jimmy Brown Song, the – CP 1599  


Keep Me True  – LN 1981   

Like a River Glorious  – LN 1982   

Long Black Arm – from Requiem for Peace  

Lord, Help Us Live in Peace (Peace)  – SATB and TTBB  

Love Bade Me Welcome – LN 1999  

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling – LN 1983   

Love Everlasting (Gott ist die Liebe) – LN 1985   

Love of God, the (SATB)

Make a Joyful Noise – LN 1991   

Mary Treasured All These Things – CP 1459   

May the Words of My Mouth – LN 1987

Melodies of Molotschna – LN 1996

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – CP 1452

Move Him Into the Sun – from Requiem for Peace

My God Shall Supply All of Your Needs – LN 2000

My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me (TTBB) – LN 1997 

New Songs I Sing Today – LN 1992

No More Fear of Dying – CP 1532 

No Room – CP 1462  

Now the Day is Over – LN 2022  

Of the Father’s Love Begotten  – LN 1972   

On My Pilgrim Journey  – LN 2016   

Paradise Awaits the True Believer – LN 2001  

Peace – (Lord, Help Us Live in Peace) – SATB and TTBB

Praise Be to God – LN 2009  

Remember Thy Creator – CP 1717  

Silent Night – LN 2024   

Sing For Joy – LN 1993  

SONGS MY FATHER TAUGHT ME (the book pictured below) – CP 1791  ($20.00)

Strands of the Finest Gold – LN 1961

Storm is Passing Over, the – SATB, TTBB, SSA, SATB  

Sweet Little Jesus Boy – SATB

Take My Hand and Lead Me – LN 1953   

Taste and See – LN 1995  

Through an Open Window  – LN 2006   

To Whom Would We Go?  – LN 1978   

Train Up a Child  – LN 2011   

True Evangelical Faith – SATB, SSA, TTBB 

Water is Wide, the – CP 1738  

We All Like Sheep Have Gone Astray – CP 1673  

We Want to Know Christ – CP 1672  (from the Easter Oratorio)

What Joy to Us is Given – LN 2019  

When I Was a Child – LN 2002  

When Morning Gilds the Skies – LN 2023  

Where He Leads Me I Will Follow – LN 1963 

Where is Your Treasure? – LN 2007  

Who Would Leave a Kingdom? – LN 1964   

Wife of Noble Virtue – LN 2010   

Without Him and God Will Take Care of You – LN 1957   

World Without End – LN 2025   

Working With Joy – LN 1976   






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