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NAMING THE TWINS – the Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser duo – delighted audiences for over ten years. Their energy, casual banter, wide variety of song styles and remarkably well matched voices captivated audiences wherever they performed.
Robbie Smith was a songwriter, singer and player of stringed instruments all his life. From an early age, through the windows of his scenic home outside Shelburne Nova Scotia, his imagination took flight gathering scenes and circumstances which flowed back through his pen and onto the page. His lyrics captured the essence of life lived by and on the sea and the attention of Roger Whitaker who recorded four of Smith’s songs.
Kath Glauser joined Robbie in 2008. She brought clear natural folky harmonies, organizational skills and engaging stage presence to the table sharing lead vocals while adding guitar and mandolin. She helped with the song writing; lyrics and melodies. “Naming the Twins” recorded several albums.  visit the website here
Robbie passed away suddenly in 2019. Kathleen made a promise that the music would not be forgotten. So she contacted Tim Callahan-Cross at the Nova Scotia Choral Federation and a wonderfully invigorating project was born; to prepare Robbie Smith songs for choirs! Fine composers/arrangers across Canada were recruited to write choral arrangements and Cypress Choral Music has published several of the beauties below.

Sing the Winter Away

by Robbie Smith
arr. Gary Ewer

SATB  with piano – CP 1937 – duration 3:35

Oh, the winter frost is settling in
And I know the snows will soon begin
Into the air the leaves are swirled
The world goes ‘round – ‘round goes the world

But we’ve got mem’ries so kind and clear
Gathered in warmer times to bring good cheer
To fill our hearts and souls with mirthful song
To keep us safe and glad all winter long

And we’ll sing the winter away, sing the winter away
Though it may be cold and gray outside it’s warm within
So let’s sing the winter away, sing the winter away
In our hearts we’ll dance and play and soon it’ll be spring

Why Can't We?

By Robbie Smith and Kathleen Glauser
arr. Donna Rhodenizer

SATB with keyboard – CP 1930 – duration: 4:45
Touch the same grass breathe the same air
Same gust o’wind caresses our hair
We do… we do have a lot in common
Shed the same tears day after day
Walk the good earth in the same kinda way
We do… we do have a lot in common
So why can’t we… why can’t we just get along?
Why can’t we… why can’t we just get along?






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