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Jocelyn Morlock came to classical music in late adolescence, by way of the film Amadeus, and felt like she’d passed through a magic portal. Since then, she’s been inviting herself into the musical worlds of great western art music composers of the past, and making herself at home. Her music is inspired by birds, insomnia, nature, fear, other people’s music, nocturnal wandering thoughts, lucid dreaming, or a peculiar combination thereof.

Morlock won the 2018 Juno for Classical Composition of the Year for My Name is Amanda Todd, an orchestral piece written as part of the National Arts Centre Orchestra’s multi-media work celebrating four remarkable Canadian women, “Life Reflected.” My Name is Amanda Todd is an elegy for and celebration of the life of Amanda Todd, a young woman whose message of hope, empathy, and tolerance has since caused a worldwide groundswell of support and awareness of bullying, cyber abuse and internet safety. Morlock believes in the proliferation of positive energy that a large group of people can create together through many small actions.



One Black Spike

by Jocelyn Morlock

SATB a cappella  –  CP 1740 – – 3:00

One Black Spike describes the creation of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, which was opened in 1914 and connects Prince Rupert and the BC interior to central Canada. The last spike (made of black iron ore) of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway was driven one mile east of Fort Fraser, British Columbia, Canada on April 7th, 1914.

One Black Spike was commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre, BC Region with the aid of a BC150 grant. Thanks to CMC-BC region for their support, and especially to Alan Ashton for his help in making the list that comprises the text of this song. Find a recording of this piece on Fresh: New Music From Canada (2018) by Chronos Vocal Ensemble, Jordan Van Biert, conductor.    

Io, Io

by Jocelyn Morlock

SSAATTBB a cappella $3:25  CP 1741   – 6:35

Io, Io! portrays the joys that we experience, from brief moments of delight to a more transcendent, spiritual peace. The first section of Io, Io!, is a joyful celebration in an energetic, excited style, using an excerpt of Philipp Nicolai’s In dulci jubilo. The second section is a loose translation of Nicolai’s text that draws on 1 Cor. 2:9 – no one has seen or heard what God prepares for those who love him – these words are sung with increasing anticipation and hope. The final vocalise is an expression of joy connecting these ideas musically, suggesting that the joy that no one has yet seen or heard might be ours right now, connecting our fleeting joy living in this beautiful world to the joy of a perfect, eternal future.
Io, Io! is dedicated to Paula Kremer and the Vancouver Cantata Singers with admiration and gratitude.