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Eya ngu palela yetu
Meiya go weko
Peyado ma ye pala tila
Eyati ngu palela yetu
Kula ban eye tu ilen

Li ngu weko oh we ya ko
Li kan di ko oh we ya ko
Ka le lila u chi nale
Lin ngu we we wako
Li ngu wa chi nale

Kulela chi na ye
Kulela ku lingo we chi na ye
Lin ngu wa chi nale
Ku ya! Ku ya! Ya ngo lika to

Eya elako ngu yetu
Ti na palela

Created using nonsense syllables, Li Ngu Weko is an exciting and upbeat piece

 that should be sung with energy and a strong sense of groove or rhythm. 

 Although the language is created specifically for this piece,
there are a few consistent pronunciations throughout:

‘ngu’ – The ‘n’ is almost entirely silent and slides quickly into the hard ‘g’.
The ‘u’ is prounced as ‘oo’ as in goo.

‘e’ – ‘e’ as in egg
‘u’ – ‘u’ as in goo
‘o’ – ‘o’ as in ought or caw
‘a’ – ‘a’ as in ugly
‘i’ – ‘i’ as in tee

Inspired by my upbringing in South Africa, the piece incorporates elements of 
Southern African choral music, as well as the western classical choral repertoire. 
Conductors are encouraged to incorporate basic movement or choreography 
to enhance the piece, and choir members are highly encouraged to move their 
bodies to the music!




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