mvt. 2  from “The Lost Words”

by Rodney Sharman


featuring Elektra Women’s Choir with chamber instruments: director – Morna Edmundson
accompaniment options – piano only or flute, violin, cello and percussion


A hank of rope in the late hot sun; a curl
  of bark; a six, an eight:
    For adder is as adder basks.
Deep in heather, coiled in gorse, sunk among
  the winter stones:
    For adder is as adder hides.
Darts, diamond sides, sine-wave swerves,
  live-wire curves of force:
    For adder is as adder glides.
Echo of snake, self-escape, a left-behind ghost:
    For adder is as adder sheds.
Rustle of grass, sudden susurrus, what
  the eye misses:
    For adder is as adder hisses.
by Robert Macfarlane
Kingfisher” image by Jackie Morris




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