by Patrick Murray

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This lovely composition would work so well for choirs of all denominational persuasions. The undulating vocal lines are easy to sing in sweet-spot registers. The poem by Patricia Orr is one of her finest.
Morning Hymn was written in honour of Patricia Wright, organist and music director at Metropolitan United Church in Toronto, on the occasion of her admission as 2017 Fellow of the Summer Institute of Church Music (F.SICM). Since 2009, the fellowship has been paired with a commissioning project to create new anthems for service and general use. At Pat’s request, Patricia Orr – longtime friend, collaborator, and congregational poet at Metropolitan – crafted the text for the occasion. Morning Hymn was premiered by the SICM choir under the direction of Dr. Evelyn Grieger in July 2017.

First voice of dawn,
last carol of the evening sun,
Through time eternal
and what may gloriously be
you carry me,
you speak my language,

How shall we touch the rafters,
raise the roof,
disturb the sky,
How shall we mark the rhythm of our days,
in celebration of the language of the heart,
You speak my soul.

And we shall sing through silence when it falls,
We shall go deep,
for twilight and the dawning are bridged
by the blessed hymns of God.

– Patricia Orr




SATB – a cappella $2.25 CP 1656 – duration 2:35