arr.  Mark Sirett

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Mark is a master of writing approachable choral music. After all, he directs his own choirs every week and adjudicates choral festivals all over the country. So his voice leading is intuitive, making the learning process a breeze for the director and a joy for the singers. This is another of his charming folksong arrangements.


One day in December he’ll never forget,
A charming young creature he happily met;
Her eyes shone like diamonds, she was dressed up to kill,
She was slipping and tripping down Citadel Hill.
Sing fall-de-dol doodle-dum,
Fall-de-dol doodle-dum,
Fall-de-dol doodle-dum,

He says, “My fair creature, you will me excuse!”
He offered his arm and she did not refuse;
Her arm locked in his made him feel love’s sweet thrill,
As they walked off together down Citadel Hill.
The very next day to the church they did go,
The people all whispered, as well you must know;
Said the priest, “Will you wed?” Says he, “That we will!”
So they kissed and were hitched upon Citadel Hill.
So now they are married and of children have three,
But he and the missus, they never agree;
The first she called Bridget, the second one Bill,
Says he, “The runt’s name shall be Citadel Hill.”
Come all you young fellows, take warning by me,
If ever in need of a wife you may be;
I’ll tell you the place where you’ll get your fill,
Go slipping and tripping down Citadel Hill.




SATB with piano  $2.35  CP 1245
SSA with piano  $2.35  CP 1335