ALMA REDEMPTORIS – from Sea Dreams

by Peter-Anthony Togni

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Alma Redemptoris Mater, quae per via caeli
Porta manes, et stella maris, sucure cadenti,
Surgere qui curat, populo: tu quae genuisti,
Natura mirante, tuum sanctum Genitorem
Virgo prius ac posterius, Gabrielis abore
Sumens ilud Ave, Peccatorum miserere.

Sweet Mother of the Redeemer, the passage to the heavens,
the gate of the spirits of the dead, and the star of the sea, aid the falling.
Mother of Him who cares for the people: you who brought forth
the wonder of Nature, your Creator.
Virgin before and after, who received of Gabriel
with joyful greeting, have pity on us sinners.

Hermannus Contractus (also called Herman the Cripple; 1013–1054) is
said to have authored the hymn based on the writings of Saints Fulgentius,
Epiphanius, and Irenaeus of Lyon.




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