by Kim Baryluk

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featuring the Wyrd Sisters
This evocative song is set for the lower tessitura of a woman’s voice. The dark tones and modal harmonies suit the subject matter so well. Those who love Kim’s “Warrior” will really appreciate this song.


A fire is burning
The long night draws near
All who need comfort
Are welcome by here

We’ll dance ‘neath the stars
And toast the past year
For the spirit of solstice
Is still living here

We’ll count all our blessings
While the Mother lays down
With snow as her blanket
Covering the ground

Thanks to the Mother
For the life that she brings
She’ll waken to warm us
Again in the spring

The poor and the hungry 
The sick and the lost
These are our children
No matter the cost

Come by the fire
The harvest to share
For the spirit of solstice
Is still living here

repeat verse one




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