Cantata Singers of Ottawa commissioned Water Canticle for a 2000 fundraising concert on behalf of WaterCan, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping poor communities in developing countries build sustainable water supply and sanitation services.


If ever I’m troubled I’ll go to a river;
the sound of the water is music to me
Flowing, majestic, the waves gently lapping,
a river invites you to sail and be free.

“Come to the river, for I am a giver 
of life to all sailors and seekers of peace.
Come to my waters, my sons and my daughters
I’ll heal you, I’ll soothe you, I’ll give you sweet re-lease.”

Lightly I’ll set sail in my boat on the river
the waves in the chorus sing full harmony
Clouds high above swirl and dance in the skylight
The sun plays my heart strings – its warm melody.

Wind on my shoulders, my face to the future
my soul is unfettered to greet a new day
Dreams pass before me without ends or beginnings
the diamond horizon before me lights my way.

Sometimes the sky opens, dark storm clouds enfold me
Great torrents besiege me and fear chills my bones.
My boat may be shaken but I’ll trust the Pilot
the Source of all water, for I’m never alone

“I am the river, the gift and the giver
of life always changing yet always the same.
I am the waters, my sons and my daughters
I heal you, I soothe you, I guide you with my hand.”

Oh, we are but sailors on Life’s timeless river
One day shining waters will carol us home
When storm clouds enfold you have faith in the Pilot
and keep right on sailing til’ sailing is done.




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