by Penny Rosten

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Something’s stirrin’ deep in my soul 

There’s something stirrin’ down deep in my soul 
Something’s got ahold and won’t let me go 

My body’s shakin’ and I’m losin’ control

Oh Lord! Glory Hallelujah Love is stirrin’ in me

Something’s turnin’ the people around 

There’s something movin’ us to higher ground 
The world was lost, now the answer is found 

Lift your voices, raise a glorious sound

Oh Lord! Glory Hallelujah 

Love is gonna set us free

You don’t have to walk on water 

Only love and care for each other 
Rise up from your dark despair 

A change of heart is in the air

Something’s movin’ the people today 

A little baby came to show us the way 
A Spirit’s risin’ in the world to say 
Love is gonna wipe all hatred away
Oh Lord! Glory Hallelujah

 Love is gonna set us free

Love came down to earth that holy night 

Shepherds trembled as they saw the light 
Choirs of angels sounded out the call 

“Peace on earth, goodwill to all”

Something’s movin’ deep in my heart 

There’s something changin’ down deep in my heart 

Chains of hatred are breaking apart
Love will show us how to make a new start

Oh Lord! Glory Hallelujah
Love is gonna lead us
Love is gonna take us to the higher road

Love is gonna set us Free! 




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