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Imagine being visited by the glorious Angel, Gabriel – The Annunciation is the beginning of the Christmas story. Henry’s compositions have a timeless quality. He treats the story with genuine tenderness. Give a listen. Choirs of all levels of ability will love this song


“Do not be afraid,”
the angel spoke to Mary,
“for you shall bear a child – Emmanuel his name.”
She put her trust in God 
and took her place in history,
her faith through generations now proclaimed.

“Do not be afraid,”
the dream of Joseph whispered,
“take Mary as your wife,
her baby as your own.”
He put his trust in God
and changed the course of history,
protecting God’s own Son until he’d grown.

“Do not be afraid,”
the angels sang to shepherds,
“glad tidings of great joy we bring to you this day.”
They put their trust in God,
were witness to the mystery
of God incarnate sleeping in the hay.

“Do not be afraid,”
still rings down through the ages,
“Alpha and Omega, I will be with you always.”
We put our trust in God 
and celebrate the story
of how God’s love came down on Christmas day.

poem by Susan Boon




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