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featuring the Cypress Studio Singers

featuring the Unity Singers (live at the 2019 ACDA National Convention) 


If I could give one gift to you
as solid as the morning dew,
a window pane the light shines through;
the spaces in between us.
A gift for you my heart would bring,
the sweet release of everything,
the breath I take before I sing;
the spaces in between us.

Trusting in what might arise
without a thought preceding,
as simple as a baby’s sigh,
resting and receiving.
It’s not what keeps our souls apart
but what connects and dreams us,
the vast potential of the heart;
the spaces in between us.

I offer what my heart has found
the silent love that’s all around,
a symphony without a sound;
the spaces in between us.
If I could give you more than this, 
let it be Forever’s kiss.
Mindful of my mindlessness;
the spaces in between us.




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Cypress makes rehearsal tracks for choirs –  here is a demo

Rehearsal Tracks  –  The Spaces In Between Us

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