by Darius Lim

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You are listening to the SATB version.  Listen to the SSSAAA a cappella version in the video below.
This is a stunner! Dramatic and fun. John Rutter chose it for his “Discovery of the Month Series” in 2018.

A bright and shining flower
the little forest shower
the sun that shines and marvels
the night that brings the owls

Dance in the woods
make a merry laughter
O dance in the woods, dance a little faster

The light of the dawn has a secret
that many would not know
that it hears where the night goes
and where the starry sky hides the moon on high.

Shining hills and streams
and the showers in the sunlight
Fading stars at sight and the moon-light still in silence.

Dance and stomp a little faster
Dance for joy – dance for the laughter
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Dance lightly, dance swiftly
dance in the woods sweetly

around we go, as soft as snow
the moon is shining, the starlight beaming



SSA – with piano – SCORE (PDF)
SSSAAA – a cappella – SCORE (PDF)
SATB – a cappella – SCORE (PDF)


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