by Carol Ann Weaver

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featuring the Cypress Studio Singers
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Well Water

During the hottest time of day
during the noon-time of the day
we sat in a tent – that time of day

During the hottest time of day
not a breath of fresh air stirred
Even the well water was barely cold

and if the water sat for a while in a pail
it was hardly drinkable

So, we had to draw fresh water

Uncle Hans

During this time a new well was discovered – at this time
and this well had sweet sweet water – sweetest well
But sand had collected at the bottom of the water – sandy well
Someone must go down into the well to take out the sand with a bucket
People wondered who would go down the well to take out the sand in a bucket
Uncle Hans was chosen by the village – Uncle Hans
So they lowered him down with a rope and a bucket – Uncle Hans
But a terrible thing, the rope wasn’t strong enough 0 something terrible happened!
Uncle Hans, he was close to the the top – but CRASHED to the bottom of the well.
How he was brought out we’ll never know
but he had a very complicated fracture.
How he survived, we’ll never know,
but – later – they amputated part of his leg
because of a complicated fracture.
Uncle Hans, they gave a plot in the village – to Uncle Hans
Was a little plot they gave him in the village – Uncle Hans
They built a little farm on his plot in the village – Uncle Hans
He married Aunt Marichen and they had a little daughter – Uncle Hans
And they wrote about his life in a book about the village – Uncle Hans
and his story loves on in the book about the village – Uncle Hans


SA SCORE (Well Water) – any combination of 2 parts
SSAA SCORE (Uncle Hans)


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Uncle Hans (as a separate octavo) SSAA – with piano  $2.35 CP 1702 – optional bass, flute and cello parts available
Well Water and Uncle Hans (as a duo) – with piano  $3.50 CP 1703