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A traditional arrangement of this favorite Yiddish folksong, Craig has also provided suggestions for alternate performances. Your choir will have fun making the sounds of the Balalaika.
Tum Balalaika is an old traditional Yiddish song from Russia or Poland.
It is a love song about finding a clever wife who knows answers to all questions.

Shteyt a bocher, shteyt un tracht,
tracht un tracht a gantze nacht.
Vemen tsu nemen un nit far shemen,
vemen tsu nemen un nit far shemen.

Tumbala, tumbala, tumbalalaika,
Tumbala, tumbala, tumbalalaika
tumbalalaika, shpiel balalaika
tumbalalaika – freylach zol zayn.

Meydl, meydl, ch’vel bay dir fregen,
Vos kan vaksn, vaksn on regn?
Vos kon brenen un nit oyfhern?
Vos kon benken, veynen on treren?
(Yiddish folksong)

translation – PLAY BALALAIKA

A young lad is thinking, thinking all night
Would it be wrong, he asks, or maybe right,
Should he declare his love, dare he choose,
And would she accept, or will she refuse?

Tumbala, tumbala, tumbalalaika,
Tumbala, tumbala, tumbalalaika
tumbalalaika, play Balalaika,
tumbalalaika – let us be merry.

Maiden, maiden tell me again
What can grow, grow without rain,
What can burn for many years,
What can long and cry without tears




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