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highland Laird courts Leezie Lindsay in Edinburgh, sometimes after his mother had warned him not to hide his highland origins. Her family warns him off, but her maid encourages her. She finds the highlands hard, but finally he brings her to his family, where he is a lord, and makes her the lady of a great castle.


Will ye gang tae the highlands, Leezie Lindsay, 
Will ye gang tae the highlands wi’ me
Will ye gang tae the highlands, Leezie Lindsay
My bride and my darling tae be.

Tae gang tae the heilands wi’ you sir, 
Would bring the saut tear tae my e’e,
Aye, and leavin’ the green glens and woodlands,
and streams of my ain country.

Oh, I’ll show you the red deer a-roamin’, 
on mountains where wave the tall pine
And as far as the bound of the red deer, 
ilk moorland and mountain is mine

A thousand claymores I can muster, 
ilk blade and its bearer the same
And when round their chieftain they rally, 
the gallant MacDonald’s my name.

For I ken not the road that I’m going 
nor ken I the lad I’m going wi’

Oh Leezie lass, you muan ken little 
if you say that ye dinna ken me
For my name is Lord Ronald MacDonald, 
a cheiftain of high degree

There’s dancing and joy in the heilands, 
there’s piping and gladness and glee.
For MacDonald has brought home Leezie Lindsay,
his bride and his darlin’ to be.




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