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featuring the Cypress Studio Singers
The Rankin family added many great songs to the roster of Canadian folk music. This one is for hard working fishermen!


I’m a fisherman’s son, got fisherman’s ways
I fished with my father in my young days
I learned the fine craft of the fisherman’s trade
Just to pass to my son so he’ll do the same

The sea is my lifeline the shore is my home
I’ve been to your cities I didn’t stay long
I stared at the bright lights the dark city ways
But that’s not for me, no I couldn’t stay

la la la la la la
la la la la la la la

Oh, some days are rough so we roll with the waves
This living is tough and slack is the pay
But we leave with the sunrise we wake at the dawn
Singin’ the fisherman’s song

I’m a fisherman’s son got fisherman’s blood
Just hauling the lobster and jigging the cod
And if you don’t like me then leave me alone
And I’ll go on singing my fisherman’s song




TBB with piano and violin $2.35  CP 1641