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featuring Prairie Voices under Geung’s direction
Royal Canoe (Winnipeg, Canada) is a band on a mission to construct ambitious and inventive music that pushes against the boundaries of pop music. ‘Walk Out on the Water’, written in quasi-gospel style, is about resilience and perseverance- the whole world is telling you to accept your lot, but in spite of that, you persist. This catchy arrangement will have the audience singing the chorus line all the way home.


Still got a ticket to play
I won’t be walking away
I feel all the weight of the world
I won’t get another one
Won’t get another one
Won’t get another one
Won’t get

Will I be singing a hallelujah
When I walk out on the water?
I’m not going under
I own the space that I occupy

Oh, oh hallelujah
I climb up through the trees
I’m strong enough to bleed
I’ll grow my wings like a butterfly

I woke up alone on the shore
The sun it fought through my eyes
Wondering what all this is for
Is it for you?

Phone stuck, hung up
I never hear what you say you’re saying
Line cut when the door shut
I don’t know why I’m straying

Everything’s happening the way I want
Everything’s happening the way I want
Is everything happening the way I want?
Everything’s happening




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