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Elise has given a wistful setting to this beautiful poem by William Wilfred Campbell. “By the lonely chimney light, I sit and dream of summer.” This song would work so nicely in a Christmas program, an Autumn program and even a Spring program. (and most choirs take a break during the summer to realize their dream) Elise’s composition won the Atlantic Voices Choral Composition Con – 2013.

THE snows outside are white and white,
The gusty flue shouts through the night,
And by the lonely chimney light
I sit and dream of summer.

The orchard boughs creak in the blast
That like a ghost goes shrieking past,
And coals are dying fast and fast,
But still I dream of summer.

’Tis not the voice of falling rain,
Or dream wind blown through latticed pane,
When earth will laugh in green again,
That makes me dream of summer.

But hopes will then have backward flown,
Like fleets of promise long out-blown,
And Love once more will greet his own,—
This is my dream of summer.

poem by
William Wilfred Campbell




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