mvt.16  from “The Lost Words”

by Don Macdonald

featuring Elektra Women’s Choir with chamber instruments: director – Morna Edmundson
accompaniment options – piano only or violin, bass clarinet, horn, cello


ock rasps, what are you?
I am Raven! Of the blue-black jacket and the
Boxer’s swagger, stronger and older than peak
and than boulder, raps Raven in reply.
Air asks, what are you?
I am Raven! Prince of Play, King of Guile,
grin-on-face base-jumper, twice as agile as
the wind, thrice as fast as any gale, rasps
Raven in reply.
Vixen ventures, what are you?
I am Raven! Solver of problems, picker of
locks, who can always outsmart stoat and
always out-think fox, scoffs Raven in reply.
Earth inquires, what are you?
I am Raven! I have followed men from forest
edge to city scarp: black shadow, dark
familiar, hexes Raven in reply.

Nothing knows what you are.
Not true! For I am Raven, who nothing cannot
know. I steal eggs the better to grow, I eat
eyes the better to see, I pluck wings the
better to fly, riddles Raven in reply.

by Robert Macfarlane
Kingfisher” image by Jackie Morris




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