by Rodney Sharman

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This exquisite composition was premiered by a mass choir of youth. Listen to the premiere recording.
The music reflects childhood and remembrance though musical “games”: canons and double canons (rounds), invertible counterpoint (register exchange of identical music), and inversions (turning an ongoing melody upside down), and memory games: repetition, extension and variation. Bill Richardson’s text asks us to think about forgetting as well remembering. Let us recall that Freud said that what we forget is much more interesting than what we remember.

What, my friend, will I remember
when I’m old then older yet?
What, my friend, will I remember?
What, my friend, will I forget?

A rained-out birthday picnic,
my first straight-A report card,
the fate of Harry Potter.
Will I remember being young?
Remember? Remember how I look?
How you look?
Remember how we look right now?

What, my friend, will you remember,
When you’re old and full of years?

Will you remember here and now?
Recall how once we’d sung this song.
A song about us when we were young.

Will you remember standing tall?
Will I remember you?
The time that lies ahead of us
is greater than the time that’s gone.

Let’s meet again and sing this song
when the opposite is true.
What ever else we may forget,
remember this – remember now.
Sing with no regrets.
Sing with me.




SATB – a cappella $2.35 CP 1513 – duration 3:35