LOVE EVERLASTING – Gott is die Liebe

by Larry Nickel

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Come and let us all unite to sing that God is Love.
Heaven and earth their praises bring – God is love.

Love everlasting, from God the Father
Love everlasting for you and me.

Love everlasting, with grace abounding.
Love overflowing for you and me.

Sin held me captive in helpless bondage
no earthly power could set me free.
Jesus, my Saviour, died for my ransom,
Jesus, my Saviour, bore all my shame.

Now I will praise You, Love Everlasting.
Now I will praise You my while life through.

melody: Meiningen 1840
text: August Rische, (1819-190




SATB – a cappella  –   LN 1985

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