Blessed are they who will trust in the Lord
who offers us love and grace
Almighty power, every foe is subdued
He saves us in wondrous ways.

Blessed are they, who trust in the Lord
Blessed, yes, wonderfully blessed are they
Praise to the Lord, shining star of grace
guide us, O Father, along our way

Blessed are they who are led by His hand
through the ups and the downs each day
Blessed the hand who reigns over all
who strong and secure shall stay

Blessed are they who are quiet in pain
such pain that the Lord allows
Comforting cross where the Saviour was slain
brings hope to the suffering brow

Blessed are they who will trust in the Lord
and follow that Godly light
Eternal Word, what a fortress of power
victorious it takes the fight




SATB – a cappella   –  LN 1955 – (regular notation)
SATB – a cappella – PDF   –  LN 1955 – (regular notation)
SATB – a cappella   –  LN 1955SN – with shape notes
SATB – a cappella – PDF   –  LN 1955SN – with shape notes

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Rehearsal Tracks  –  Blessed Are They

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