Nun is sie ershienen, die himmlische Sonne
und strahlt durch die irdische Nacht
Darum trocknet die Tranen und jauchzet vor Wonne
Denn den Menschen is Heil nun in Christo gebracht

Dwm Heiland sei Ehre, und Friede der Walt
In Christo dem Retter
is Heil un bestellt

Now the Heavenly Son has appeared in the darkness
and chased all our sorrow away
Let us dry every tear and proclaim with amazement
that Christ our Redeemer was born on this day.

To God be the honor, to God be the praise
The Heavenly Son changes night into day

How the world lies in bondage, in death and destruction
humanity cries out in pain
But the light of the Saviour brings comfort and healing
and all who believe will find peace in his name




SATB – a cappella   –  LN 1952

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SATB – a cappella PDF   –  LN 1952

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String Quartet Parts (optional accompaniment – (LN 1952)

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Rehearsal Tracks  –  The Heavenly Son

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