Celtic Mass for the Sea

by Scott Macmillan and Jennyfer Brickenden

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Celtic Mass For The Sea

Come and come is seaweed,
Come and come is red sea-ware,
Come is yellow weed, come is tangle,
Come is food which the waves enwraps.
(“come” here is a term of praise)
 Let all the fish that swim the sea
Salmon and tarbot, cod and ling
Bow down their head and bend their knee
To Herring their King!
To Herring their King!
He who tramples on the world
He tramples on himself.



The text for  The “Celtic Mass For The Sea” was derived from ancient  oral incantations, rituals and prayers; such as those found in collections like the “Carmina Gadelica” Vol. 1-5; collected, compiled, and metrically translated from Gaelic to English by Alexander Carmicheal. Traditional melodic themes heard in the “Mass” were found in three primary sources; Songs of the Hebrides”, collected and arranged by Marjorie Kennedy Fraser; “From the Farthest Hebrides” and “Beyond the Hebrides”, collected and edited by Donald A. Fergusson




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