Hard Copy Sheet Music or Digital Format?

The true value of a music composition has little to do with the look or format of notation. Consider Bach’s St. John Passion above.  
The true value of a music composition has little to do with the number of pages. Consider Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus” – arguably the most exquisite motet ever written – which fits nicely on 4 pages or less.  It is easily worth more than many compositions that have 20 pages.

Many people like to turn paper pages and mark their scores with a pencil while others are happy to read from a tablet – e.g. Kindle, Kobo, iPad. There are many articles online about the pros and cons of each preference.

For 30 years Cypress Choral Music has presented music in hard copy format. We print on quality cougar colour 80 lb. stock in full colour with large legible music font. We are proud of our print product. Is a piece of sheet music worth as much as a cup of coffee?

The years of covid (2020 – 2021) have compelled us to offer the option of portable document format (PDF). We mark each page with a footnote pertaining to the particular choir. So, the choice is yours; PRINT or PDF? Print needs to be packaged and shipped properly. PDFs can be emailed quickly. We are happy to serve you either way!

quick comparison

Is a copy of choral music worth a cup of coffee? (over 4 dollars in Calgary!)