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Choral gems for children’s choir.

Noted choral specialist, Zimfira Poloz, is the co-editor and curator for this special Canadian choral series: “Please check out  my collection of choral music which offers exciting challenges to young voices. My own award-winning children’s choirs have delighted audiences with this music. Please listen to quality recordings as you study the scores. Watch our Youtube videos for ideas about movement.” Z.P.


by Josef Rheinberger, arr. Nadezhda Averina

SSAA – cappella    $2.35    CP 1661 – duration – 2:40
This beloved composition has been set for treble voices by one who works in the genre all the time.  Gorgeous long lines and intuitive voice leading will make this a favourite for the singers – and the audience.


by Kelly-Marie Murphy

SSAA – cappella – $2.35    CP 1529  duration – 2:30
A joyful setting of the single word, Alléluia, with playful vocal percussion, this piece is suitable for advanced treble choirs.  Written for Ottawa’s l’Ensemble vocal sénior De La Salle, Robert Filion, chef de choeur, it was premiered in Edmonton at the Podium choral convention.

A Puppet's Dream

by Darius Lim

SSAA with piano    $2.75   CP 1664  duration – 2:30
also available as SATB a cappella upon request
This is a stunner! Dramatic and fun. John Rutter chose it for his “Discovery of the Month Series” in 2018.
Composer Darius Lim, from Singapore, really used his imagination. What would a puppet dream of?  
Watch this video – great choreography!

Ikan Kekek

by Tracy Wong
SSAA – a cappella    $2.35    CP 1618  duration – 2:30
SATB – a cappella    $2.35    CP 1643
“Ikan Kekek” is about a fish, and a whole lot more! As with children’s songs from other countries, Malaysian children’s songs consist of  simple, catchy, and repetitive melodies. These tunes are usually lively and festive. They often either tell a story, bear advice for young people, or are humorously written and purely meant to entertain. This popular children’s song from Malaysia covers them all and is arranged for SSAA / SATB choir and percussion.
Percussion available (sent via PDF) upon request

La belle se promène

arr Meghan Quinlan

SSAA    $2.35    CP 1527  duration – 4:10   
This Canadian folksong tells of the love between a beautiful women and her young sailor. Meghan gives a skillful and intriguing approach to the plaintive Acadian dorian melody. 

La belle se promène tells the story of an encounter between a beautiful girl and a sailor on the banks of a river. Originally a French folk song—an alternative lyric places the strangers’ meeting on the Loire river—it was brought to Canada by French settlers, where it was absorbed and adapted into Acadian culture. This arrangement casts the story in a dream-like atmosphere: its opening evokes the banks of a more solitary river, hidden away in green forests. Moving from the charged stillness of the girl’s encounter with nature to the thrill of meeting a stranger—and sailing away with him—the arrangement provides a full palette of expressive colours. In order to join the sailor on his journey, the girl asks him to teach her the song he’s singing. For the girl, singing is a means of both getting to know and of escaping into the unknown, leaving her past life behind like a dream.  

watch this amazing performance on Youtube.

His Eye is On the Sparrow

arr. Larry Nickel

SATB a cappella  $2.35    CP 1651  duration – 2:45
SSA with piano   $2.35    CP 1652  duration – 3:15
Larry’s lovely approachable setting will warm the hearts of any audience. Written in 1905 by Charles Gabriel, the song became the title of Ethel Waters’ autobiography. Then Lauren Hill performed a stirring rendition in the movie “Sister Act” – remember? Give a listen to these pristine recordings.


by Tobin Stokes

SSAA a cappella    $2.75    CP 1376  duration – 3:20
This unusual composition has been performed around the world. Google the word (if you can spell it) to see wonderful festival performances throughout Europe. Tobin’s song is built on the Basque mythology of witches celebrating the Witches’ Sabbath in the forest, casting spells and brewing magic potions. Halloween fun!

J’entends le moulin

arr. Michael Snelgrove

SATB with piano    $2.50    CP 1534  duration – 3:10   
SSA with piano    $2.50    CP 1533
This piece is a real barn burning showstopper for a skilled pianist and a choir that that loves adrenaline pumping music. This Canadian folksong has been around for generations and Michael takes it to a new level of energy and FUN. The text is repetitive and easy for any choir to catch on to.

Riu Riu Chiu

arr. Erica Phare-Bergh – Traditional SpanishCarol

SA a cappella with recorder & percussion  –  $2.35    CP 1481  duration – 2:00   
SAB a cappella with recorder & percussion  –  $2.35    CP 1123
This well loved ancient Christmas melody really sparkles with Erica’s setting. Up tempo and easy to learn, your choir and audience will love it.

parts for recorder, triangle and djembé are available (no charge) upon request.

Wau Bulan

by Tracy Wong

SA – a cappella    $2.25    CP 1537  duration – 2:50 
SAB – a cappella    $2.25    CP 1608
This classic and upbeat Malaysian folk song is about flying kites! It is usually sung while seated on the floor and while performing synchronized-choreographed movements and hand claps. This pentatonic melody can be adapted to suit choirs at all levels and makes for a colorful opening or closing of any concert.

Winter Sun

by Don Macdonald

SSAATB    $2.35   CP 1288  duration – 3:20
SSSAAA    $2.35    CP 1305 
“To light, to water, and the flow of birds through ancient stars.” Don has set the poignant poem of Canadian poet Malca Litovitz in his inimitable style. Don employs contemporary techniques with classical tonality – unusual and attractive at once and very convincing. Please give a listen.