L’annonce, sets a text by Albert Lozier, who mused at how a young woman – practically still a girl – would think about God’s plan for her, what she had previously hoped for in life, and how she herself plans to follow through with her new role. A very direct text, the music supporting it is a simple melody with simple harmonies – one could even say of a pastoral colour.


Je ne suis qu’une jeune fille
Et pourtant le Seigneur m’a choisie
Le message de l’ange m’a surprise
Je serai mère de Dieu.

Le Seigneur m’annonce
Mon rôle en son projet
Je ferai de mon plus grand effort
Que sa volonté soit faite.

Joseph et moi étions promis
Que sera ma vie sans lui?
O Seigneur, tu sais ce que tu fais
Je m’en remets à ta bonté.

J’ai déjà beaucoup reçu
Mon cœur et ma vie sont à toi
Savoir que je vais porter mon Dieu
C’est la surprise de ma vie.    


The revelation

I am just a young girl
And yet, the Lord has chosen me
The angel’s message took me by surprise:
I will be the mother of God.

The Lord informs me
Of my role in his plan
I will strive my very hardest
So that His will may be done.

Joseph and I were betrothed
What will my life be without him?
O Lord, Thou knowest what is best
I’m giving myself up to Thy mercy.

I’ve already received so much
My heart and my life belong to Thee
To know that I will bear my God —
It’s the surprise of my life.




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