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Donald Patriquin (b. 1938, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada) was eleven when he began to compose, and though his musical career was briefly “interrupted” by studies in biology he was always involved in music as composer, performer, teacher, accompanist, organist and conductor. Donald’s music is  performed throughout the world. He is known for his sparkling and challenging piano settings. His compositions are “sophisticated and challenging, yet accessible to all audiences”.

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C’est dans le mois de mai - (En montant la rivière)

arr. Donald Patriquin

SATB with piano    –    CP 1655   – duration 4:00  
Another wonderful French-Canadian folksong arranged by our inimitable composer.
It is in the Month of May – going up the river, 
The girls are beautiful – all the lovers change sweethearts 
But I am not going to change because mine is too beautiful 
She has beautiful blue eyes and a red mouth
How nice it would be to live with her 

C’est l’aviron

arr. Donald Patriquin

SSA with piano    –    CP 1445   – duration 4:30  
SATB with piano    –    CP 1453
This is a wonderful example of a folk song that came to Canada (Quebec) from Europe (France) and was made into a ‘local’ work song with the addition of a refrain– all sung to make the hard work enjoyable while paddling canoes on early Quebec’s waterways.

This song is a hybrid of a folksong from France with a refrain added by early Quebec canoe-men. It tells of a man who, meeting three girls on the road from La Rochelle, gives the most beautiful of them a ride on his horse. Enamored of his passenger, he tries to gain her attentions. However she will neither talk nor drink with him at the fountain, but upon being taken to her parent’s place drinks a toast to her father, mother, sisters, brothers, and…her own lover.

Hey Ho, Nobody Home

by Donald Patriquin

SSAATB a cappella  –  CP 1341 – duration 5:15  
SSA a cappella  –  CP 1350
Here’s a rowdy Christmas song that is sure to please listeners. Trick or Treat Christmas style!

Lukey’s Boat

arr. Donald Patriquin

SATB with piano    –    CP 1339   – duration 2:20  
SSA with piano    –    CP 1349
A classic maritime folksong – charming – hilarious – up tempo – great fun!


arr. Donald Patriquin

SATB with piano    –    CP 1342   – duration 3:00
SSA with piano    –    CP 1351
Donald arranged this Kenyan love song to complete his World Music Suite.  Infectious rhythm and a gorgeous melody make this a winner for any choir.






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