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featuring St. Mary’s Children’s Choir – director Eileen Baldwin 


There is music in my life and I live it as a song
There is music in my legs as I dance and run along
There is music in the air as I fill it with my voice.
It is singing in my heart, singing in my heart as I laugh,
laugh and rejoice.
There is music in my arms, embracing all that’s new,
There is music in my words when what they say is true.
There is music in my bones as I feel life’s rhythmic beat.
It electrifies my body, electrifies my body and lights,
lights my tired feet.
There is music in my eyes as I watch the world go by.
There is music when I laugh, there is music when I cry,
There is music on my skin as I feel the summer breeze,
It courses through my fingers, 
courses through my fingers as they dance,
dance across the keys.
There is music in my ears as I listen to each sound,
in everything around me, there is music to be found.
There is music in our world, there is music in our world.
In every rock and tree, every rock and tree,
there is music, music in my soul.
There is music, music in me.
lyrics by Anika Johnson




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