Promotion and Marketing:
• Cypress has grown to become the first stop for many conductors around the world who are seeking Canadian choral music.
• Cypress contacts thousands of choir directors several times each year – featuring our new publications and seasonal recommendations.
• Cypress sends out updates and lists (annually) to over 50 choral music retailers far and wide. Key distributors like Long and McQuade, Leading Note, Musical Resources, Sheet Music Plus and J.W. Pepper feature the Cypress catalogue on their websites with sample scores and audio files.
• Cypress sends out complimentary perusal scores to reading workshops throughout the year.
• Cypress attends the biggest choral conventions in North America – including Choral Canada’s Podium and the National ACDA convention in the USA.  (see the photo below – Cypress on display at the ACDA in Kansas City in 2019.)
• Cypress collaborates with Musical Resources (Toledo), Pana Musica (Kyoto), Sulasol (Helsinki) and Musica International (Strasbourg).  These international partners feature our music at choral conventions/music festivals and provide scores to clinics and reading workshops.
• Cypress creates attractive webpages for each composer with embedded Soundcloud links, lyrics, descriptions, links to sample scores and ordering information.
• Cypress ensures that each composition has a quality audio performance and we also embed worthy Youtube performances – which lend credence to the featured composition.
• Cypress features a different composer, each week of the year, on the opening Homepage. We also send composer features to Choralnet frequently. Each composer is featured on our Facebook page on his/her birthday.
Cypress produces a quality product:

• Cypress strives to prepare scores to the highest standard of publishing through a detailed editing and proofing process. 

• Cypress prints beautiful scores on 60 lb. cream-colour stock paper with full colour covers. (music on off/white paper is easier for singers to read)
• The Cypress score layout is attractive and uncluttered with legible font sizes.
• Highly qualified staff members are integral to the process.(please see below)*
Other advantages:
• Cypress works in a timely way, interacting with each composer until both parties are satisfied (before publishing a score).
• Cypress publications never go POP (permanently out of print). We believe that quality choral music is timeless.
• Cypress strives to protect its catalogue from copyright violation and sheet music theft.
• Cypress is planning to stay in business for many years to come. When Cypress was founded in 1990 there were at least 15 choral music publishers in Canada.  Alas, today Cypress is one of the few survivors.
• Cypress is faithful at keeping track of sales and paying royalties once each year.
• Cypress believes in transparency with our composers.  We are always open to comments, suggestions and concerns – and we try to give replies in a timely manner.
• Cypress strives to have each piece in the catalogue registered with SOCAN and ASCAP.
* Editor – Dr. Larry Nickel – has a wealth of experience as a singer, conductor, teacher, festival clinician/adjudicator and composer – most aspects of the choral world. He has a masters degree in music education and a doctorate in composition. During his last year of teaching he directed seven choirs (see this photo of his Christmas choir). Larry has been a contributor to twelve other publishers: with over 60 of his compositions in print before being asked to assume ownership at Cypress. (including Oxford, Pavane and G. Schirmer) He learned invaluable lessons along the way.
*Five amazing curators (see here), some of the brightest choral luminaries in Canada, are involved in the process of selecting quality music and they are crucial to the proofing procedure. In other words, a qualified team of Canadian choral experts work hard on behalf of Cypress composers.
Cypress Choral Music on display at the ACDA convention in Kansas City – 2019.