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In æther, the singers are given numerous phrases to sing. There is no synchronized score.
æther should begin and end with the humming of the G drone and last for whatever duration is desired

• what phrases to sing, and when to sing them, should be decided by each singer on their own in the spur of the moment. Singers proceed independently performing any phrase in any order.

• one does not need sing every single phrase. In fact one could decide just to hum the G drone for the whole piece if desired.

• any vowel sound can be sung, but no consonants

• all phrases should be sung with an obvious and exaggerated portamento between each note

• all phrases should be soft and quiet throughout the piece

• some phrases can be sung an octave higher if desired as long as they are still performed quietly

• players can pause between phrases to breathe and to listen or proceed directly to another phrase

• the tempo is variable but each phrase should only last as long as a single breath

• each performer plays in his/her own time but conscious of, and responsive to, the other players

• players should decide ahead of time how long to sing and how to end; whether stopping all together or dropping out one at a time




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