One of Allister’s most popular folk tunes originally written for solo voice — arranged for solo and choir. The tune has the typical MacGillivray lilt and the harmony is correspondingly uncomplicated.

Gentle woman, gentle man,
May I speak that you might understand
I’ve been thinking we’ve been rather blind
Let us leave every difference behind.

Cast your nets on these waters, your lines on the sea,
Your sights on horizons wherever you please,
For together we’ll weather the tide that prevails,
With the sun on our shoulders, the wind in our sails

Those who suffer, those who cry,
Call for brothers and friends, by and by
For ’tis certain united we stand
Side by side, arm in arm, hand in hand

Little children know the way
They spend life, dream by dream, day by day
And by nature they seem to imply,
We must love, and never ask why




SATB – with piano – CP 1016 – – 3:15
SA      – with piano – CP 1017
SAB   – with piano – CP 1018
TTB   – with piano – CP 1019