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Rest your tired head, be not weary now my friend
you’re home.
Lie lowly, rise slowly,
(no) don’t roam.
Let your heart be still, leave to be what will
See the stars and moon, breathe in afternoon
Smile at the breaking of day,
knowing that you’re not alone. 
Try to think of times before us,
and the shining light from memories gone
now distant, fleeting, like a far off star,
holding out for
when you’ll need them near, when the night is here.
Let them be so clear, so blessed
when I’m with you. 
I should count all my stars,
how lucky, how grateful,
that I can share these moments 
that I have here with you, 
who ends the night.
Won’t you stay a lifetime
to chart the moon and stars,
pray beneath the light 
and dance with shadows?
The rest is never said
until all the days are gone and through.
But lest my heart forgets
to tell my secrets true:
hush, be still,
and I will sing…




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by Benjamin Sigerson