(before letting the Cypress editors continue the publishing process)

Congrats! You are a part of the team of over 275 Canadian composers who have music with Cypress.

For starters, please watch this 2 minute introduction.

Cypress Choral Music is committed to publishing attractive scores that meet the satisfaction of both composer and publisher.  The editing process normally involves several back and forth negotiations.  Cypress has a certain style. Please go through this list carefully before the editing process can begin. Perhaps you could print this page and check things off as you get them all done. Checklist details below:

Sign this contract – (if you haven’t done so already) and email it back to Cypress. Cypress terms are standard for the choral music publishing industry. We try to be transparent by keeping the contract simple and yet legally binding. Dr. Nickel will then sign the contract and return a copy to you.

Notice (in the contract) that you are responsible for the poetry. Please be sure you have permission.

Register yourself with SOCAN (if you are not a member already) and register your composition.  Include 50% to the publisher (which is normal).  The Cypress Choral Music IP number is 710703193. Click here to learn more about SOCAN.

Please Check:

1) – Spelling and correct hyphenation (use a dictionary please) Is it “mu-sic” or “mus-ic”?
2) – Slurs and ties (don’t get them interchanged, please)
3) – breath marks – sing through each phrase yourself and consider clear diction
4) – accents – tenutos, staccatos, etc
5) – dynamic markings – every hairpin should have a beginning and ending dynamic
6) – accidentals and reminder accidentals
7) – credits and dedications – above the title
8) – rehearsal marks – at key junctures in the music (e.g. verses and choruses)
9) – spacing and legibility
10) – word extensions
11) – please watch this short video about the use of Oo and Ah

There will be several back and forth exchanges during the proofing process – between composer and editor. We really want the score to be perfect – free of any errors – an inviting score.  When the editor sends the new layout to you for proofing, please boot it up in “preview” and use the red marking tools to express your wishes and point out errors.  for example – see here.  Save and email the PDF back to the editor. This really saves time and frustration.

A cappella scores on four staves need to have a piano reduction.

Use standard old school music terms that people in all countries can understand. For example: “leggiero” instead of “like a falling feather”

Make sure that your score matches the recording you’ve sent. (as sometimes changes to the score are made just before a recording session)

If you are a Sibelius user please set the score to “letter” dimensions, House Style and  5.8 size font.  Then email the sib. file to

Cypress formats music with Sibelius. Send your Sibelius file when it’s ready. If you are a Finale user, please boot up the score and export the XML file. Then email the XML file to  Larry will then import the XML file into the Sibelius application.

Type out the lyrics exactly the way you want to see them on your webpage. Send something that we can simply cut and paste.

If the lyrics are in a language other than English please send a line by line translation.

Type up a short enticing blurb for your piece. (100 words or less) Send something that we can simply cut and paste.

If you are new to Cypress, please send a photo and a short biography for your webpage.  (175 – 200 words)

Two more things we need:  Your birth date and your snail mail address. (for your royalty cheque) Just fill in this form please.

Let us know if you find a quality Youtube performance of your piece and we’ll add the link to your page. (for example)

Social Media: you can assist with promotion if you have a presence on the www.  For example, it’s really easy to post your Soundcloud audio on Facebook. and embed the audio on your own website.

It would be cool if you studied this page about Cypress Style. It would expedite the editing phase.

Having fun yet? Choral singing is an act of peace on earth and where would choirs be without composers, eh!? You are important.

Dr. Larry Nickel –