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Trent Worthington (b. 1963)  is a skilled professional in numerous areas of the Edmonton music scene and beyond. A composer, arranger, performer, conductor and educator, his experience has served organizations ranging from choirs and orchestras to small ensembles and rhythm sections. Some of these organizations include the acclaimed Pro Coro Canada, the highly attended Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree, the lauded PreTenors comedy opera troupe, VOCE The a cappella experience, and various composition, arranging, and copyist positions within commercial, classical, and choral genres.    visit


by Trent Worthington

These short pieces, based on quotes by Albert Einstein, demonstrate the wittiness of the scientist and the brilliance of the composer. One can purchase individual movements or the booklet containing all six vignettes. Listen to the great recordings – by Chronos Vocal Ensemble. Study the scores while you listen.

SATB $6.00 – CP 1491 – And Einstein Said – the COMPLETE collection   – 20:50
SATB – – CP 1492 – And Einstein Said #1 – “Two Ways to Live Your Life”
SATB – – CP 1493 – And Einstein Said #2 – “That’s Relativity” 
SATB – – CP 1494 – And Einstein Said #3 – “My Idea of God” 
SATB – – CP 1495 – And Einstein Said #4 – “The Unleashed Power of the Atom” 
SATB – – CP 1496 – And Einstein Said #5 – “Everything That Can Be Counted” 
SATB – – CP 1497 – And Einstein Said #6 – “The Simplest Way” 

Les Plaines D’Abraham

by Trent Worthington

TTBB a cappella  $2.75  –  CP 1586   – 6:18   
There’s lots of bravado in this stunning trilogy for men’s choir – a piece of Canadian history about the siege of Quebec (1759). Poet Louis Fréchette (1839-1908) captured the event in verse and Trent has matched the text with powerful music.

Soldier's Cry

by Roland Majeau   arr. Trent Worthington

TTBB    –  –  CP 1381  – American version for men   – 3:15
TTBB    –  –  CP 1486  – Canadian version for men
SATB    –   – CP 1384  – American version for mixed choir
SATB    –  –  CP 1383 – Canadian version for mixed choir
SA with piano  – – CP 1565   – 4:05
– Canadian version for treble choir (American version available upon request)
Thoughtful and provoking with tight harmonies, this is the perfect Remembrance Day anthem.

THREE ALBERTA COWBOY SONGS - (set of three songs)

arr. Trent Worthington

SATB    $5.25    CP 1307  All three cowboy songs in one booklet.   6:30

#1 – Alberta Homesteader (Alberta Cowboy Songs)   
SATB    –    CP 1296   – 3:00
The hardships of being a homesteader. “It rained and hailed all summer and we never raised a thing!”  Great fun.  2:30
#2 – Blood on the Saddle (Alberta Cowboy Songs)   
SATB    –    CP 1297   – 2:05
“Oh, pity the cowboy, all bloody and red – for his bronco fell on him and mashed in his head!”    1:50
#3 – Flunky Jim (Alberta Cowboy Songs)   
SATB    –    CP 1298   – 1:50
“He’s goin’ to git a new outfit sellin’ gopher tails next fall.”     – 2:00

THREE WINTER SONGS - set of three

by Trent Worthington

SATB    $5.25    CP 1564  – All three songs in one booklet – 9:00

#1 – Winter Bluejay (from Three Winter Songs)
SATB with piano    –    CP 1561   – 3:45 – click here to study the score while you listen
“Crisply the bright snow whispered – crunching beneath our feet…”   Trent has set the Sara Teasdale poem for choir with elegance – and the piano player will love the challenge.
#2 – Winter Night (from Three Winter Songs
SATB with piano    –    CP 1562   – 3:20 – click here to study the score while you listen
“My window-pane is starred with frost, the world is bitter cold tonight… ”   This is the a cappella movement to the trilogy.
#3 – Snow Song (from Three Winter Songs)
SATB with piano    –    CP 1563   – 2:00 – click here to study the score while you listen
“Fairy snow blowing everywhere…”   The last movement to Trent’s trilogy sparkles like snowflakes.






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