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We just lost sight of the Queensport light down the bay before us

And the wind has blown some cold today with just a wee touch of snow

Along the shore from Lazy Head hard abeam Half Island

Tonight we’ll let the anchor go down in Fogarty’s Cove 

My Sally’s like the raven’s wing her hair is like her mothers
With hands that make quick work of a chore and eyes like the top of a stove

Come suppertime she’ll walk the beach wrapped in my old duffle

With her eyes upon the masthead reach down in Fogarty’s Cove

She will walk the sandy shore so plain 
Watch the comber’s rollin
Till I come to Wild Rose Chance again 
down in Fogarty’s Cove

She will walk the sandy shore again watch the comber’s roll in
Till I come to Wild Rose Chance again down in Fogarty’s Cove

She cries when I’m away to sea, nags me when I’m with her

She’d rather I’d a Government job or maybe go on the dole.

But I love the waves as I pull about, nose into the channel

My Sally keeps the supper and a bed for me down in Fogarty’sCove.




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