by Pierre Massie

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Coldest night, win‏ter’s night
Lone‏ly star a guiding light
Qui‏et night, Si‏lent night 
Man‏ger soft‏ly glow‏ing bright glow‏ing bright 
Be‏neath the sky was born to die 
For peo‏ple poor as you and I 
The curse re‏trieved, a  ghost con‏ceived 
The child in Ma‏ry’s arms re‏ceived 

Cold‏est night, win‏ter’s night 
Lone‏ly star a guiding light, [gui‏ding light ]

A child is born Of Jes‏se’s thorn
To save us all that were for‏lorn 
The an‏gels say where Je‏sus lay 
In man‏ger babe all wrapped in hay

Cold wind blow ,snow on snow
 In a cra‏dle long a‏go
 Lit‏tle child, meek and mild 
Vir‏gin sings a lu‏la‏by 

The an‏gels bright, ap‏peared in light 
To say the son is born this night 
Hu‏mi‏li‏ty, fe‏li‏ci‏ty 
With sor‏row sad‏ness joy‏ful glad‏ness 
Mourn‏ing dove, high a‏bove
Sing‏ing prai‏ses of God’s love
Lit‏tle chil, meek and mild 
Sweetly silent softly Baby
Sleep, sleep, sleep




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